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I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Fresh & Tasty project as I was given enough time and creative freedom for each stage. We developed the logo and naming alongside the client's logistics planning for the business, including recipes, concepts, and providers. Therefore, we worked on graphics when necessary.


For the Fresh & Tasty project, we designed the brand identity, logo, graphics, business cards, flyers, menus, wall inside and outside graphics, stickers, to-go packaging, banners, digital ads, posters, and signage.


Below are some samples of approved materials.

Once the logo was finalized, we moved forward with creating basic stationary system along with some banners such as "coming soon", "now open", and menu items to create awareness for the soft opening in the neighborhood.


After the basic stationary system, we proceeded with outside signage followed by menu design which took the longest time to finalize as it was constantly changing at that point. Once we had the menus ready, we started with the inside graphics, such as restroom signage, posters, big menu, and other graphics.


Lastly, we created some stickers, to-go packaging, and digital posts.

Asset 101_2x_edited.png

Above you can find some random assets from the project.

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