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YNG is a speakeasy business with two locations. For this client, I created the brand identity based on their desired image. I consolidated their identity by using neutral colors and clean, fun accessories to make it stand out.


The complete identity package includes promotional materials, digital banners, social media ads and covers, branded merchandise, and a stationary system (envelopes, letterhead, business cards, postcards, etc.), among others.

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The design of this business reflects the elegance and sophistication of its owner and CEO. Despite the challenge of adding extra elements without making the design too busy, I managed to keep it clean while still making it fun. Throughout the process, I also kept in mind how the pictures would interact with the rest of the elements.


The small video above showcases some of the pieces that were created for this project. Although not all pieces are included, I believe there are enough to give you a sense of where I was heading with this brand identity.

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