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As a graphic designer, I have to say that creating my own logo has been one of the toughest jobs I have ever done. It's safe to say that as designers, we are our own worst critics. When we become the client, it becomes even harder to decide on just one style. This was certainly the case for me. Over the years, I have created a few logos for myself, but I have never been completely satisfied with them. However, in this particular case, I made a conscious effort to do things right. I took my time and got really involved in every step of the creation process, which ultimately led me to a satisfactory outcome.


So, let me tell you how it all started...


Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by the mythology of the old continent. One of my favorites has always been the ancient tales of the Nordic region. Recently, I started researching antique runes and their meanings. I was intrigued by the simple line language and decided to use some of the symbols in my design.


Starting with this idea, I brainstormed on how to name my logo and what I wanted it to represent. I decided to use my name "Lucia" as a base, which is related to "Light" in Latin, and began developing some design concepts.


The entire process took a while, including extensive research on topics that were meaningful to me and my creative process. After several weeks of research and development, I finalized the name of my logo:

"Lucxius Triad".

Graphic Concept 

Main ideas and concepts to be considered :


      • Geometric shapes.

      • Monochromatic secondary colors.

      • Juxtaposition fonts.

      • Illustration abilities to be depicted somehow.

Exploration, Drafts & Sketching

Asset 43_2x.png

Before starting the digital process, several hand sketches were done. In the early stages, it became evident that a diamond shape was forming with the already-chosen rune combination.


After sketching different shapes, five designs were tested and reviewed by colleagues before finalizing.

Early Stages to Final Concept

Asset 43_2x.png

Final concept.

Graphic Line

Elements to be used as part of the logo, as well as, individual accents.

Uses and Simplified version.

Asset 43_2x.png
Asset 31_2x.png

It was crucial to incorporate illustration capabilities in the logo, but a simplified version was created for flexibility.

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